Write Your First-Draft Novel in 6 Months.

We've been writing novels for three years using the Agile Writer Method. Join us today to learn how. Dozens of novels have been created using this method. Yours can be next.

The Agile Writer Method

was created with the beginning novelist in mind. We have borrowed from mythology, psychology, screenwriting, and a little project management to create a novel-writing method that is easy to follow.

You start by creating a plan for writing your novel. The Agile Writer Method will show you how to plot your novel so you will know where your story is going before you start.
We create a plan to write your story 10 pages a week for 25 weeks so that you create a first-draft novel in 6 months.
We'll show you how to get your book published and marketed so you can get your work in front of readers.

I have been attending Greg’s “Agile Writers Workshop” and Seminars for over a year now and I have found them to teach me the steps to complete my first novel within six months, they are very helpful. These weekly “meet-ups” encourage me to write daily and meet deadlines. He has also informed me of the different options to critique my book and select editors. We discussed in one recent meeting how to promote our books and whether to “self-publish” or go the commercial route and hire a publisher to produce the book. — Paige McGhee