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Experimenter (2015)

Experimenter (2015) Director: Michael Almereyda Writer: Michael Almereyda Stars: Peter Sarsgaard, Winona Ryder, John Palladino, Anthony Edwards, Jim Gaffigan  Peter Sarsgaard plays Dr. Stanley Milgram who in 1961 performed a series of experiments where unwitting subjects asked another person questions and shocked them with up to 450 volts of electricity for each wrong answer. The fact was, that no one was actually […]

Public Library Shuns Writer

From Publishers’ Weekly: “YA author Julia Watts has been removed from the slate of authors participating in LitUp, a teen literary festival sponsored by the Knox County (Tenn.) Public Library that was inspired by a teen book festival of the same name launched last year in the Kansas City area. Knoxville’s inaugural LitUp festival is scheduled to take place on […]

Good vs. Bad book? Don’t Judge

K.M. Weiland is an excellent resource for writers of all types. Her website Helping Writers Become Authors should be on everyone’s short list of helpful websites. Also, her books on writing are excellent and merge well with Agile Writer theory. But, in a recent site article by Katherine Marsh entitled “Why Do So Many Bad Books Sell on Amazon?” steps […]

Is Agile Writers a Good Value?

A nearby writer’s group is offering the following: Category Local MFA Offering Agile Writers Instructor: MFA Grad/Novelist Agile Writer Coach Price $1,399 $160 ($5/week) Entry Requirements 10-page sample None. Start Date September 9, 2019 Any time you’re ready Class Size Limit 10 students Limited by Space Length of Program 39 weeks(9 months) 32 weeks(6 weeks Storyboarding + 26 weeks writing […]

Agile Writer Ken Hubona Publishes First Novel “Brewing Justice”

Agile Writers’ Ken Hubona has published his debut novel, Brewing Justice. Ken came to Agile Writers in 2014 to convert a work-in-progress screenplay to a novel format. Since then Ken has been a constant presence at Agile Writers informing the method and contributing valuable inputs to our study of rewriting and critique. Ken finished his first novel “Shades” (a semi-autobiographical story […]

Speaking at “Awesomize Your Life”

I just found out about Shawn Furey’s “Awesomize Your Life” seminar next week (March 23rd, 2019) in Augusta, Maine. Shawn is a leader in the heroism science community and applies his special knowledge of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to help facilitate psycho-educational groups and provide one-on-one counseling to people in recovery from opioid addiction. He’s a true hero. So, he asked […]

On Awards Shows

  Why Watch Bad Films Every year, my writing partner on, Dr. Scott Allison and I discuss the idea of reviewing films on the Golden Globes and Oscar nominations lists. Scott prefers to review movies he knows are going to be of high quality, whereas I like a sort of random draw – reviewing both bad and good movies. […]

Guest Post: The importance of colors to your BRAND

Our friend Sharvette Mitchell is the creative genius behind Mitchell Productions and will be presenting at the Agile Writer Conference January 26th. Click on the image below to learn more about the conference. In the meantime, she’s offered this article from her website to help you. As I say often, BRANDING is largely about visibility and consistency. This relates to what people […]