The Hero’s Journey

When I started on my journey to discover the secrets to great stories, my first stop was Joseph Campbell’s book “The Hero With a Thousand Faces.” In it, Campbell dissects the elements of the great mythical stories from antiquity to today and from around the globe. He observes that the same patterns emerge. A hero starts out in their ordinary […]

What is a Novel?

What is a novel? I have a lot of people coming to Agile Writers not knowing what makes a book a novel (and not a short story or an essay or some other form). At Agile Writers we believe these things define a novel: The Agile Novel is Fiction The Agile Novel is Genre Fiction The Agile Novel is Hero-based […]

Great Articles This Week…

How to attract thou­sands of read­ers in weeks. There is noth­ing more dis­heart­en­ing then see­ing your book sales stag­nate with low vol­umes or zero salesonce you have pub­lished your book. In a pre­vi­ous postdis­cussed mar­ket­ing your book, which is one way to get sales going. In this post, I will dis­cuss cre­at­ing anauthor plat­form, a long-term mar­ket­ing tech­nique with the aim to build a fan base. […]