Virtual Seminar

Online Virtual Seminar: Write your first-draft novel, memoir or screenplay in 6 months.

About this Event

Greg Smith is the creator of the Agile Writer Method and the writing coach who lead an 8-year mission to help beginning novelists go from start to finish in 6 months. The Agile Writer Workshop in Richmond, VA pumped out a first-draft novel every two months. Now, Greg is bringing this popular writing system to the internet.


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The Agile Writer Method is based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. While many writing paradigms are hero-based, Greg has incorporated project management from Agile Software Methodology, plus elements of psychology, mythology, and screenwriting to create a system that allows the first-time novelist to create a 6-month plan that works.

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Agile Writer Method: Write Your Novel in 6 Months

Learn the method that took Richmond, VA by storm. Now you can use the same system that so many have used to create their first-draft novel in 6 months. Greg will expose the lessons of mythology, screenwriting, and psychology that make novel writing fun and profitable.

What you’ll learn:

• The Elements of a Great Story

• How to Write Your Story in Bite-Sized Chunks

• What Makes a Great Hero

• Which Characters to Add to Your Story

• The Major Turning Points in a Great Story

• How to Deal With Pacing