Richmond Club

myrva_lgAgile Writers of Richmond, VA is a writer’s club dedicated to helping the beginning writer create a first-draft novel, screenplay, autobiography, or memoir in 6 months.  Greg Smith created the Agile Writer Method as a way of getting from a blank page to a full manuscript. It is based on the writings of experts in the field and years of interaction with writers of all skill levels.  It is the contention of Agile Writers that anyone who has a story to tell can complete a first-draft work in 6 months using the Agile Writer Method.

Agile Writers of Richmond is where all the experimentation and refinement of the Agile Writer Method takes place. We meet weekly to critique our work and also to review what about the method is working and what is not. New elements of the Method are explored, implemented, and tested.

We’re an inclusive group looking for new and experienced writers interested in creating a first-draft work in 6 months. Visit our Richmond Club site and learn how you can join us!

“You don’t have to be a great gram­mar­ian or great speller to write a novel. You don’t have to have con­nec­tions in the writ­ing world. What you need to have is a pas­sion for your story and a plan to com­plete. You bring the pas­sion, we’ll bring the plan.”

Greg Smith (2011)
Founder Agile Writers
Creator of the Agile Writer Method