Conference January 27, 2018

The Agile Writer Conference

The Second Annual Agile Writer Conference is slated for January 27th, 2018 at the Holiday Inn at the Richmond International Airport.

Last year we launched our first writing conference. This year we’ve gathered experts to create 18 60-minute seminars on how to write, edit, publish and market your novel. We want to offer detailed advice that can be applied right away – what we call “actionable content.”


Featuring NYT Bestseller Lani Sarem

Sponsorships and Advertising Space Are Available

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AWCON18 is organized into three simultaneous Tracks of 6 Seminars each:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Craft of Writing
  3. Promotion & Publishing

Last year we had a great turnout and we got great feedback on what you wanted. This year will be as good as last year, plus we’ve added:

  1. Free Coffee
  2. Free WiFi
  3. Bistro Soup & Sandwich Bar
  4. Social and Networking Room
  5. Happy Hour

Register before Christmas (what a great gift!) and you’ll get $10 off the regular price!

Track 1: Getting Started

  1. How to Write a Swoonworthy Romance – Jenna Hart
  2. Elements of Memoir – Douglas Jones
  3. Life In 10 Minutes – Valley Haggard
  4. Novel in 6 Months – Greg Smith
  5. Inter-Building Planets and Alien Characters – James F. Gaines
  6. Elements of Fantasy – Harry Heckle

Track 2: Craft of Writing

  1. The Villain’s Journey – Dr. Scott Allison
  2. Elements of Exposition – Bishop O’Connell
  3. Elements of Dialog – Maggie King
  4. Female Friendships in Fiction – Charity Ayres
  5. It’s Alive! Bringing Your Characters to Life – Bill Blume
  6. Writing Young Adult Literature

Track 3: Promotion & Publishing

  1. How I Navigated the NYT Bestseller List – Lani Sarem
  2. Editing for Self Publishing – Kris Spisak
  3. The Economics of Self-Publishing – Chris Kennedy
  4. Social Media for Authors
  5. Author Platform Building – Jenna Harte
  6. Building Your Bestselling Author Brand – Lee Savino