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AW LogoAgile Writers helps beginning writers create, plan, write, publish, and market their first-draft novels, memoirs, autobiographies, and screenplays.

Wherever you are in your writer’s journey, Agile Writers can help.

Since 2011 hundreds of writers have taken our seminars and over 50 have completed their first-draft works with us. We are your one-stop shop for your all your writing needs.

We started in January of 2011 when Greg Smith set out to create a new method of novel writing. The goal was to make a plan for a story before writing manuscript pages. The method was an instant hit. Now, Agile Writers is used not only for novel writing, but for memoirs, autobiographies and screenplays.

Learn more about the 6-Month Method here.

Once our novels were complete, we wanted to know how to get them into the hands of readers. So Greg started the Agile Writer Press. Using self-publishing techniques, we’ve published over a dozen works. We now offer Self Publishing Coaching and Seminars to  help you get your books in front of readers.

Then, having successfully distributed our books, we wanted to tell people they were available. So, Greg hired the best minds in Social Media Marketing to help us learn how to market our works. We now offer Social Media Marketing Coaching and Seminars so you can market your own books, products, and services.

Since 2011, Agile Writers has become an important part of the Richmond writing community. Greg actively sits on panels in local conferences and conventions like:

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Wherever you are in your writer’s journey, Agile Writers can help.

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